Cloud Deployments

For some organizations, doing a total cloud migration of on-premise infrastructure is not possible because of regulations, security requirements, or other organizational reasons.  However with a hybrid or private cloud deployment, nonprofit, government, global development programs, and educational organizations can take advantage of the power and flexibility provided by the cloud, including: Nonprofit, Global Development, Education, & Government Cloud Deployment Services

  • Scalability – Rather than paying for servers that are mostly idle, use only the resources your organization needs and quickly increase resources as your organization grows.
  • Agility – Provide your work force with the resources to quickly create and innovate for your organization, erasing the long lead times required by traditional server deployments.
  • Reduced Infrastructure Cost – Decrease or eliminate the demand for on premise infrastructure, and related cost such as power and maintenance.
  • Metered/Predictable Resource Costs – Pay only for the resources you need thereby making budgeting and planning easier.
  • Accessibility/Increase Service – Reduce service disruptions to your vital data and workloads with secure access with any internet connection worldwide.

Most importantly, nonprofits, governments, global development clients educational institutions move to the public cloud to focus on their organization’s mission rather than be preoccupied with IT infrastructure.

Hybrid Clouds 

Hybrid Cloud

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OpenWise can develop a hybrid cloud deployment strategy determining which of your workloads and data are suitable for migration to a public cloud. This would free on-premise hardware for those applications and workloads that need to stay in house.  We develop robust solutions that ensure interconnection between your on-premise and cloud resources and security throughout your hybrid cloud deployment.

Private Clouds

Some organizations want to take advantage of the scalability, agility, and reduced infrastructure cost that a cloud provides, however, they have restrictions on the workloads that can be move to a public cloud.  For these organizations an on-premise private cloud is the optimal solution.

At OpenWise, we have years of experience with developing datacenter/server consolidation strategies through virtualization and private cloud deployments for our clients. Our private cloud deployments use the industry leading OpenStack open source software. The OpenStack project is backed by some of the leading technology companies in the world but, like all open source, it isn’t controlled by any one company.  Developing private cloud deployments on this platform ensures our customers are not locked into any particular software vendor.

Open Standards & Open Source 

All of our work is done using open standards and open source. This is to ensure our customers have all the benefits that open source software provides including constant software improvements, greater security, control/full data ownership, greater interoperability and lower total cost of ownership. Find out more. 

Open Source Technologies that we work with include but are not limited to Linux (Red Hat, Ubuntu, CentOS,etc.), Red Hat REV, OpenStack, Nagios, Puppet, MariaDB (MySQL), & PostgreSQL.