Global Development: Evaluation Solutions

Whether the global development intervention is Public Health, Education, Agriculture, or Public Policy having a robust Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning (MERL) plan is a crosscutting concern and vitally important ensure that:

  • Projects are meeting set targets so that adjustments can be made accordingly.
  • The stated goals of your project can be evaluated for real impact.
  • Data is used to conduct research on the most effective methods.
  • Lessons Learned can be reincorporated into regular practices to improve processes.

Additionally, MERL is important for donors who need to assess whether implementors are reliable partners. Donors can review targets and access the effectiveness of executions and make determinations on whether continued partnership is appropriate. Therefore, most development practitioners understand that developing a robust M&E plan is of essential importance.  The importance of data means improving the quality, capacity, ethics and security of data collection is paramount.

At OpenWise we believe that evidence and data should should drive global development and serve as the bedrock of any design and implementation, aid in program revisions, and that a data use culture should be cultivated allowing lessons learned to amplify impact. Our technologist and sustainable development professionals have the expertise to leverage technology to make MERL more accurate, effective, and secure.

We can aid in implementing Interactive voice response (IVR) & short message service (SMS) collection, mobile data collection, survey design, project portfolio management, data analysis, mapping, & visualization, big data analytics, MERL machine learning & artificial intelligence (AI).  To do our work we employ various open source tools including R, Python, Open Data Kit (ODK), Digium (Asterisks), QGIS and much more.

Open Standards & Open Source 

All of our work is done using open standards and open source. This is to make sure our customers have all the benefits that open source software provides including constant software improvements, greater security, control/full data ownership, greater interoperability and lower total cost of ownership. Find out more.