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Democracy & Policy

Female voters display their purple finger tips after casting ballots at an elementary school in Nasiriyah March 7. By law, women must fill 25percent -- 82 out of the 325 -- parliamentary seats. The heavy purple dye reduces attempts of double-voting fraud. No election day violence occurred in Nasiriyah, Iraq's fourth largest city bisected by the Euphrates River in the southern province of Dhi Qar. Iraqi security forces were responsible for all security.

Government policies play a crucial role in advancing – or impeding – economic well-being and human rights. At OpenWise, we help clients seize political opportunities and face constraints. Our work shows that practical, context-driven advocacy strategies can equip governments with the information they need to spend limited resources in effective ways.

By using technology-based solutions, we can help governments gather and analyze data, visualize complex policy issues, and model different policy scenarios. This allows governments to make more informed decisions, better understand the potential impacts of their policies, and communicate their decisions more effectively to the public.

Data analysis and visualization

Our team of data analysts and visualization experts can help governments gather, clean, and analyze data from a variety of sources. We can then use tools like dashboards and interactive visualizations to present the data in a clear, easily understandable format. This can help governments identify trends, patterns, and opportunities, and make more informed decisions about policy and resource allocation.

Policy simulation and modeling

Our policy simulation and modeling capabilities allow governments to test the potential impacts of different policy scenarios on specific sectors or areas. By using advanced algorithms and data analytics, we can help governments understand how different policies might affect outcomes such as economic growth, social welfare, and environmental sustainability. This can help governments make better informed decisions about policy direction.

Decision-making support

At OpenWise, we understand that policy decisions can be complex and difficult to navigate. That’s why we offer decision-making support to help governments identify and prioritize their policy goals, and develop strategies to achieve them. Our team of experts can provide guidance on the policy design process, help governments understand the trade-offs and risks involved in different policy options, and provide recommendations based on the best available evidence.

Knowledge management

Effective policymaking requires access to reliable, up-to-date information. Our knowledge management solutions can help governments organize, store, and share data and information in a way that is easy to access and use. This can help governments make more informed decisions, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their policy processes.

Public service delivery

The delivery of public services is a crucial aspect of policy implementation. At OpenWise, we offer a range of technology-based solutions to help governments improve the delivery of public services. From digital platforms and mobile apps to data analytics and process automation, we can help governments streamline and improve the delivery of essential services such as healthcare, education, and social services.

Technology-assisted policy analysis

Technology can play a powerful role in policy analysis, helping governments understand the impacts of different policy options and make more informed decisions. Our technology-assisted policy analysis services can help governments gather and analyze data, model policy scenarios, and visualize complex policy issues. This can help governments make better-informed decisions and communicate their decisions more effectively to the public.

Technology-assisted public engagement

Effective policymaking requires input and engagement from stakeholders, including the public. At OpenWise, we offer technology-based solutions to help governments gather and analyze feedback from citizens, and engage them in policy discussions. This can include the use of online platforms, social media, and mobile apps to facilitate communication and participation. By using these tools, governments can better understand the needs and preferences of their citizens, and design policies that better meet their needs.

e-Government platforms

E-government platforms can help governments deliver services more efficiently and effectively. At OpenWise, we offer a range of e-government solutions, including digital platforms and mobile apps, to help governments streamline processes and improve the delivery of public services. By using these tools, governments can reduce bureaucracy and improve the experience of citizens and businesses interacting with government.

Digital inclusion initiatives

Ensuring that all citizens have access to digital tools and services is crucial for inclusive policymaking. At OpenWise, we offer a range of digital inclusion initiatives to help governments bridge the digital divide and ensure that all citizens have access to the benefits of technology. This can include initiatives to increase access to affordable devices and internet, digital literacy training, and other programs to support digital inclusion.

Data governance

Effective policymaking requires the responsible management of data. At OpenWise, we offer data governance solutions to help governments ensure that their data is secure, protected, and used ethically. This can include data protection policies, data privacy training, and other measures to ensure that data is used in a way that is consistent with laws and regulations, and respects the rights and interests of citizens.

Open Standards & Open Source 

All of our work is done using open standards and open source. This is to ensure our customers have all the benefits that open source software provides including constant software improvements, greater security, control/full data ownership, greater interoperability, and lower total cost of ownership. Find out more.

Technologies that we work with include but are not limited to CitizenLab, CiviCRM, CivicTech, PmWiki, TWiki,Confluence, Consul, D3.js, Decidim, Decisionbook, Digital Promise Global, DokuWiki, GAMA, Gephi,, Koha, Loomio, MediaWiki, Moodle, NetLogo, OSCAL, Open Data Kit (ODK), Open Digital Rights, Open e-Government Platform, Open-Decision, OpenABM, OpenFisca, OpenForum, OpenGov, OpenGovOS, OpenHIE, OpenKM, OpenMPLS, OpenMRS, OpenPolicy, OwnCloud, Poplus, PublicInput, Python, QGIS, R, Sahana Eden, Schooltool, Tableau Public, and XWiki.